Australian Transport Ticket Officer shuts down racist man in the most Australian way possible.

Unfortunately, racist outbursts on public transportation aren’t uncommon. Thankfully, there are courageous individuals who stand up to the aggressors.

A man in Australia, Nicholas John, took to Facebook to share a story about an exchange he says he witnessed between an Opal ticket officer (who he dubbed “Opal Lady”) and a racist passenger during his train journey.
So, the story goes: the ticket officer came across an Argentinian passenger who accidentally purchased the wrong ticket. A nearby passenger rudely interrupted them saying, “Fine him, love. Fucking foreigners.” 
Opal Lady was having none of it. She left and came back with officers who escorted the racist man off the train. When he asked on what grounds he was being removed, Opal lady calmly responded with the c-word. 

The Facebook post went viral, with many people hailing Opal Lady as a hero.

Faith in humanity restored. 

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How more than 1 million people came together and created Reddit’s ‘Place’ masterpiece

How more than 1 million people came together and created Reddit’s ‘Place’ masterpiece

A Canadian flag and the words ‘O Canada 150’ appear in the massive online Reddit art collaboration known as ‘Place.’ (Reddit )

Josh Wardle calls his Reddit brainchild “a screenshot of the Internet at this moment in time.”

Called Place, the March 31-April 1 social experiment allowed anyone to help fill in a large blank canvas over the course of 72 hours, one pixel at a time.

“In order to foster collaboration, you could place a tile, but then you had to wait five minutes to place another one,” Wardle, senior product manager at Reddit, told As It Happens host Carol off.

The final result, he said, was “kind of a visual cacophony.”

“So there were a lot of internet culture references and memes, but also it reflects the kind of collaborative nature of the internet,” Wardle said.

“We saw country flags and these different groups working together … Overall, it’s like a super positive depiction of the internet.”

Wardle says the goal of Place was to get people who normally wouldn’t interect to work together — and it succeeded, big time.

Teams formed to create different images on the canvas. The prominent Mona Lisa at the centre took hundreds of people to create, he said.

“They decided to start with the face first because they identified that the face would be recognizable and other people would be like, ‘Oh I get it!’ and then they would be able to start collaborating. Whereas if they started with, like, the edges or the border, it would be really hard for a casual observer to jump in and start participating.”

Another key component of the project was that anyone could draw over somebody else’s tiles, which created a competitive element.

“This kind of piece existed over time, so it was constantly changing. What we see at the end isn’t, you know, the logical progression. There were a bunch of things that were created and then disappeared at the end,” Wardle said.

Warring factions competed to express their creative visions in the limited space.

“There was a very early movement called The Blue Corner. There was a simple directive: paint blue,” Wardle said.

“But what happened is they ended up overriding a lot of other art that had been drawn and they felt bad about this, and kind of came to terms and invited the other communities to come back and draw over this blue area.”

“There was this kind of nihilistic group called The Black Void who, their philosophy was that nothingness was … the purest expression of the canvass. They kind of had these black tendrils that kind of extended out of the canvas,” he said. “Most of the communities kind of fought back against The Black Void.”

You might expect a bunch of anonymous people on the internet to create something filled with pornography and hate symbols, but the end result is — for the most part — pretty positive.

“The canvas was actually self-policed,” Wardle said.

“So there were instances where people tried to draw kind of unvfavourable images. Often people would report them to us and we’d go and look and those images had just been eradicated by the community, which was, like, a super positive and heartwarming experience.

“We trusted this thing to the internet community, to the Reddit community, and they did something really positive with it, which was amazing.”

Woman Cuts Eye And Nose Holes In Her Fence To Give The Neighbor’s Pooch A Better View

She noticed Penny the German Shepard desperately jumping on the other side for a peak, so she went ahead and drilled the pupper her own personal viewing holes.

Comedian sending 3,000 cookies to soldier he’s never met after being mistakenly included in group text

CINCINNATI ( WKRC) – Local comedian Mark Chalifoux was accidentally included in a family’s group text which inspired him to send 3,000 cookies to a solider he’s never even met. He received a photo of a happy child with an older lady with a text that read, “Always loves going to grammy’s!” On his GoFundMe, he explains how the situation unfolded from there:I responded with “Looks like he’s having a blast!” thinking they’d realize their mistake and remove me from the thread.A day later, pic of the same kid, this time with a toy car, and a text: “Of course I couldn’t resist buying it for him, fast and furious!” followed by a bunch of texts that were just like “aw, give him a smooch for me!”I replied to that one with “I don’t know why I’m part of this, but I’m happy that kid got his car” and thought that was the end of it. Surely now, the messages would stop blowing up my phone. Instead, the person who started it simply replied “because you are family!”About two weeks after that, it was a pic of four soldiers in front of a helicopter, with the text “Christian and his unit shipping out for six months.” Most of the responses were immediate, just “Wow, an officer and a gentleman, I pray for him every time we sing the anthem!” and stuff like that.I replied “Which one is Christian?” thinking, clearly, this will definitely establish I had no business being included in this chain.The person only replied “third from the right” so I finally gave up and embraced it, and just said “A true patriot”, which elicited a bunch of “Amen!”s and emojis from the rest of the group.It’s been quiet for the last month, but today the person sent out a long text about how to send Christian a package while on deployment.I don’t want to let down the person this family thinks they’ve been texting, so I’m raising money to send this soldier 3,000 cookies.Mark plans to send 84 boxes of Oreos, which is about 3,000 cookies, and use the rest of the money for shipping costs. Mark said the more money he raises, the more cookies he’ll send. He also plans to include a note, explaining that his family accidentally put Mark in their group texts and he sent cookies so he “wouldn’t make whoever they thought they were texting look bad.”But, why cookies? Mark said that when he reached out for his Facebook friends’ advice on care package ideas, they all voted he should send an outrageous amount of one thing. He decided on Oreos after Google informed him they were America’s favorite cookie.Mark said, “I have been surprised that 14 people already donated to the GoFundMe in the first two days. With so much negativity and sad stuff in the world and on Facebook, I think people liked the idea of making a small gesture to put some positivity into the world.”

Dad takes son who is on a wheelchair to the skate park

WEST VALLEY CITY – A West Valley City dad is gaining internet fame after he gave his wheelchair bound son the ride of his life at a skate park.

The touching video of Phil Van Hise pushing his 5-year-old son Callen in a wheelchair at the West Valley City Skate Park was posted on his wife’s Facebook this week, and it’s been a big hit with more than 40,000 views.

“It’s not to say, ‘Hey, look what I can do as a dad,'” Van Hise said. “It’s what he can do.”

Callen is their “miracle baby.” He was born premature and diagnosed with Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy. He has challenges with balance and coordination and is going to speech therapy.

“He can communicate well,” Van Hise said. “He can read like crazy. He’s at the top of his class in Kindergarten.”

The message he’s been sending to mom and dad lately is he likes the skate park–a whole lot!

“His reaction is what’s worth it,” Van Hise said. “I don’t care if I’m about ready to die or have exhaustion from that. His joy is what matters.”

Callen’s mom Paula says, just because his body works differently, that doesn’t mean he can’t participate in the activities he chooses.

“The first time we came, I cried,” she said.

She’s grateful others made him feel right at home.

“Everyone here was so awesome about it,” Paula Van Hise said. “It was really busy, and they would stop and let him through and cheer him on.”

A lot of people are cheering on dad too. Paula says he’ll do anything to put a smile on their only child’s face.

“He couldn’t breathe first time he did it, but he did it anyways,” she said.

But that isn’t stopping this father.

“I’ll do it every day if I have to,” Philip Van Hise said.

The video has touched a lot of people. A woman from California told Paula she is going to use the video to convince her community to build an all-abilities playground.